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OPS Clear Tray w/Hinged Lid (OPS-H1)

OPS Clear Tray w/Hinged Lid (OPS-H1)
OPS Clear Tray w/Hinged Lid (OPS-H1)

All BOPS Material Food Trays with Hinged Lid for Bakery & Confectionery, General packaging, with and without locking features.

BOPS Biaxially Oriented Polystyrene Sheet) is a thermoformable sheet produced by stretching polystyrene in two directions, lengthwise and crosswise. BOPS can be used widely for transparent containers such as lids, trays, and foldable food containers because it has high transparency, rigidity and hygiene.
Product Features
Anti-Fog The containers have superior antifog performance for hot and cold applications.
High Transparency The containers are highly transparent, and the contents of container can be displayed clearly.
Hygiene Suitable for food items
Light Weight Thin containers can be designed because highly rigid.
Moisture Retention The containers of high moisture retention can be designed.
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Tags: Cup Cake , General
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