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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The prices are Ex-Warehouse, Lahore only. Inland transportation is to be charged on actual basis or buyer's own arrangement basis.
  2. Prices would be revised without any notice if:
    1. duties/taxes change by the GOP;
    2. changes in the raw material pricing internationally;
    3. currency fluctuation 
  3. Sales tax is to be applied as per law. For UNREGISTERED PERSONS, further sales tax is to added in the prices mentioned against items.
  4. For Online orders, 100% payment is to be paid in advance before execution of the order. Payment method is to be discussed with you depending upon your order details. Full value of the amount should be credited into our account. All bank charges is to be paid by the buyer of the goods.
  5. Delivery is to be executed within 1-2 days time upon receipt of FULL PAYMENT from the buyer. Copy of the BILTY is to be sent to buyer on his/her Whatsapp Number only.
  6. Goods once sold, wouldn't returnable in any condition. Your claim would study and if management approve then replacement subject to the condition of claim (case-2-case basis).

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